Record Information
public_id FDB000753
Chemical Information
name Ethanol
description Intoxicating constit. of all alcoholic beverages. Used as a solvent and vehicle for food dressings and flavourings. Antimicrobial agent, e.g for pizza crusts prior to baking. extraction solvent for foodstuffs. Widely distributed in fruits and other foods Ethanol is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid. It is a powerful psychoactive drug and one of the oldest recreational drugs. Best known as the type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages, it is also used in thermometers, as a solvent, and as a fuel. In common usage, it is often referred to simply as alcohol or spirits. (Wikipedia)
cas_number 64-17-5
created_at 2010-04-08 22:04:42
updated_at 2011-11-24 16:47:42
moldb_smiles CCO
moldb_formula C2H6O
moldb_average_mass 46.0684
moldb_inchi InChI=1S/C2H6O/c1-2-3/h3H,2H2,1H3
moldb_mono_mass 46.041864814
moldb_iupac ethanol
Structure Thumb
Synonym Source
FEMA 2419 db_source
Absolute alcohol manual
Drinking alcohol manual
Ethyl alcohol db_source
Ethyl hydrate manual
Ethyl hydroxide manual
Ethylic alcohol manual
Ethylol manual
Grain alcohol manual
Hydroxyethane db_source
Methylcarbinol manual
Pure alcohol manual
1-hydroxyethane manual