• Yes! As per the Information Technology Act, 2000 any digitally signed document is tantamount to a physically signed document by the same signer, except in a handful of cases that have been called out. Prescriptions are not in the exclusion list. So, it is a legally valid form of a prescription.
  • The Prescription clearly calls out the Doctors Name, their Medical board registration Id and also shows the digital signature verification on the document.
  • In a scanned physical prescription or even an original one, there is no way to verify that the paper copy is not forged. But, digital/e-prescriptions are by design, the most secure form of documents available today with no possibility of forging. The document’s signature is clearly and incontrovertibly assigned to the Doctor who’s signature appears in the document. We verify the credentials of the doctors while onboarding them. With this, we can establish that the signature belongs to and was initiated by the qualified doctor who’s digital signature appears in the document.
  • We use Government approved vendors of Digital Signature Certificates and use hardware based USB Crypto tokens which provide the highest form of security to these signature certificates.
  • Even the government, as a part of its Digital India initiative has started encouraging and even adopting e-prescriptions in pilot projects in Government Hospitals.
  • If Lab tests are prescribed – our lab coordinator will contact you.
  • You can opt to get any tests that involve a pathology lab sample collection (like blood tests, urine analysis etc) done from FEISH. Or, if you so choose, you can also get it done outside yourself and then upload the test report to our portal.
  • If you choose to get the lab test done through FEISH, we offer discounted prices as well as the convenience of getting the sample collection done in the comfort and privacy of your home, at no additional cost to you! In this case, the reports will be emailed to your registered email id and also automatically uploaded to FEISH on your health record.
  • Once any lab reports are uploaded against a customer’s profile that is assigned to our Doctor’s to review and you will get a proactive consult on it. If the test was in response to a request by a doctor on a particular case, that doctor will be notified of the availability of the requested test result from FEISH and they will review and follow-up with you.
  • Home pathology lab sample collection is available for now only in Tier 1 and 2 cities.
  • Note that you can avail the advantages of our discounted pricing and no-additional-cost doorstep pathology sample collection and testing services for any non-FEISH issued prescriptions or lab tests as well. You can upload these external lab test requests on our portal and request FEISH to fulfill them.
  • Yes, you can upload any reports,photos (such as X Ray slide images),videos (such as 3D Color Echo) and any other Medical reports from the REPORTS tab on your dashboard.
  • We encourage you to upload any reports from your medical history or those ordered through non-FEISH consultations (outside consults) into your health record at FEISH to maintain a comprehensive/consolidated health record with FEISH.
You can raise your offline health queries/non urgent queries (e.g. general health related queries etc.) through the WEB Consultation Tab on the dashboard. You will receive an email response from us within 24 hours.
  • We are the first telemedicine provider (and only one until date) to issue valid digital/e-prescriptions fully complying with the digital signature norms of the IT Act 2000.
  • Proactive follow up by doctors to ascertain your progress until resolution of the reported case.
  • Prescription viewing/pill reminders through mobile app.
  • Vaccination schedule/reminders over Email / Andriod / Sms
FEISH is a NON- EMERGENCY medical service provider. If you require URGENT or Emergency Medical care, please visit the nearest ER.
Your Feedback is valuable to us. You can leave your feedback after every interaction session from your web dashboard as well as the mobile app.
  • We would love to hear from you. Please send an email to our customer support.
  • Or, if it is a more urgent issue/need please call +91-9008017202.
  • You can opt for DOOR STEP DELIVERY of medicines through FEISH or get it fulfilled yourself at your local pharmacy.
  • As an FEISH customer, if you choose for FEISH to fulfill it, you will get the benefit of doorstep delivery at no additional cost to you. Further, you will typically also get discounts off of the retail price of most medicines. You get these benefits because FEISH can negotiate better rates and discounts with our partner network of suppliers on behalf of our customers due to the volume that we generate.
  • Note that you can avail the advantages of our discounted pricing and no-additional-cost doorstep Pharmacy dispensing service for any non-FEISH issued prescriptions as well. You can upload the scanned copies/photos of such prescriptions on our site or through the app and request FEISH to fulfill them. In this case, the qualified pharmacist who will be delivering the medicines at your doorstep will require you to show the physical copy of the prescription to them at the time of delivery and the delivery will be done only if the Pharmacist is satisfied with the validity of the prescription.
  • We work with a network of partners (that is constantly increasing) to route the order to qualified pharmacists/stockists operating closest to your requested delivery address.
  • Typically, these providers may have a cut-off time for delivery (typically only from 8 AM – 8 PM). Beyond this time, some providers may charge you a nominal (usually, Rs 50, but depends on the provider) delivery charge if they do after-hours delivery.
  • Similarly, most of these providers have a minimum order size (typically Rs 250 – including any FMCG or sanitary or other products you may want to order along with your prescription). Some of them may offer the benefit of doorstep delivery even if the order is below this minimum size, but will typically charge a nominal delivery fee in that case (usually, Rs 50, but depends on the provider).
  • In all cases, if the order size is above Rs 250 and if the order is placed for a delivery window between 8 AM – 8 PM, there will be no delivery charges to the customers.
  • In all cases, our pharma/lab coordinator will talk to you and then coordinate with the local provider(s) operating out of your area to get the delivery done. Before routing the order to any specific provider, we will inform you of the expected delivery time as well as any additional delivery charges and get your consent before placing/routing the order.
  • No. As a policy, we will never prescribe any Schedule X drugs. If our Doctor feels that you may be needing a treatment that necessitates such a class of drug, he/she will refer you to visit an in-person physician clinic as the next step.
  • Our Doctors can/will prescribe OTC or Schedule H drug’s after a consultation. But, we have internally established protocols devised by our panel of experts with several decades of collective experience practicing medicine. The list of Schedule H drugs our doctors will prescribe over a Telemedicine consult is governed by these internal protocols and may vary from time to time as we continuously refine/improve our protocols.

You can choose from one of the following options to request a consult

  • Give a missed call to 080-30752980 from your registered mobile number
  • Request voice or video consult callbacks using Mobile App
  • Send Email from registered email address for non-urgent query/offline consults
  • You can raise queries from your web dashboard for offline/phone/video consults.
  • (Coming Soon) – Chat using messenger.

Yes. You can choose what kind of doctor you would like to consult. We have doctors from the following specialities currently on-boarded.

  • General Practitioner/ Internal medicine/Family Medicine Specialists.
  • ENT
  • Pediatrics
  • Clinical Psychologists/Counselors (Anxiety/Stress or any other Mental Health issues counseling, Sex Counselors)
  • Coming soon … (OB/Gyn, Diabetologists, Geriatrics, Orthopedics and others).
  • It is assigned to our network doctor based on speciality requested.
  • Then Doctor reviews medical Profile info/Case Notes.
  • Our Doctors will call you back within 15 min of the requested appointment time.
  • Consult is through video/voice call.
  • Doctor updates your clinical record.
  • An Email with the summary of your interaction along with your DIGITALLY SIGNED e-prescription and/or any advised lab tests will be sent to you.
Yes, you can add any number of family members or dependents in your profile as a part of your Family Group. You can set up medical profile for dependents and request consults on their behalf.
Yes! If your dependent is a minor child and/or an elderly member of the household, they may or may not have email and mobile phone numbers to hold an independent login. They may not be able to operate the platform by themselves either. In those cases you can initiate the consult on their behalf. But, for other household members, if you want to enable them to independently use the system with their own logins and direct access to the services (without needing to go through your login, email or phone) you can create a login for them as well from their profile in your Family Group.

Once you login, you will be able to

  • View/edit your profile.
  • Update your contact information and reset password.
  • Enter medical history, allergies, current and previous medications, upload reports etc.

FEISH is a state of the art Telemedicine platform offering

  • 24*7 and on-demand High Quality Healthcare.
  • Access to highly qualified doctors across a variety of specialities.
  • Technology enabled health care through Email/SMS/Web Chat/Video based consultations.
  • Access your health records any-time, anywhere through our cloud based Electronic Health Record system (Cloud-EHR).
  • Upload any external reports and prescriptions to maintain a consolidated health record on FEISH.
  • Self Service sign up by accessing our patient portal and entering your personal details such as username, password, first name, last name, mobile no etc.
  • Verify your email id and mobile no through clicking on the verification email link and entering the OTP sent to your mobile in the page.